Financial Information

Tuition Costs:

2022-2023: $5800 

Tuition may be paid in full, quarterly, 10 months ($580/month), or 12 months ($485/month)


First semester Free Tuition for all new students. ($2900 discount)

Association Church Membership ($600 discount)

Second Child (25% off)

50% discount for additional children concurrently attending

Called LCMS workers (50% discount for children of called church workers)

Other than the association church discount, discounts do not add up.  A family that qualifies  for more than one discount will receive the largest one.


The SETUP fee (Services, Enrollment, Technology, Usage, and Publication) is $500 per student.  This fee includes material costs and the yearbook.  It is nonrefundable except under extreme conditions.

The SETUP fee is discounted if paid in advance with registration:

$100 off if paid by March 15 ($400 fee)

$50 off if paid by May 1 ($450 fee)

Payment Options:

1) Pay in full by August 1

2) 12 monthly payments (July - June) done through the FACTS system, processed on the 5th or 20th of each month.  There is a $43 fee for this option.  (Not available to seniors)

3) 10 monthly payments (July-April) done through the FACTS system, processed on the 5th or 20th of each month.  There is a $43 fee for this option.

4) Quarterly payments (July, October, January, April) done through the FACTS system and processed on the 5th or 20th of each month.  There is a $43 fee for this option.

All families are required to select and commit to one of the tuition payment options.  Extenuating circumstances may be considered.  No student may attend class until the signed tuition agreement is submitted.

Payment of fees and payment in full may be completed by cash, check, or credit card.  HLHS reserves the right to enforce penalties for late and/or nonpayment.

Tuition Assistance:

We seek to make it possible for all interested families to select HLHS for their children's education.  The ability to pay full tuition is not a criterion for enrollment.  All HLHS families are eligible to apply for tuition assistance.   Tuition assistance grants are awarded based on demonstrated financial need.  Tuition assistance applications are completed online through the FACTS system.  The tuition assistance applications must be completed in full to be considered.  There is a $30 fee to apply for tuition assistance charged by FACTS.

Policies and Procedures:

1) Tuition will be paid according to the predetermined plan as agreed to by the parent/guardian.  Non-payment due to insufficient funds may result in a fee.

2) Enrollment at HLHS for any portion of a quarter grading period constitutes a quarter of tuition.

3) HLHS recognizes that occasionally circumstances make it impossible to make payments on a schedule.  At such a time, please contact the office ( to discuss options.  HLHS seeks to work with families in a proactive manner when financial situations arise.

4) Students who do not have all tuition and fees paid in full by graduation will not be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies or receive a diploma.

5) Students will be responsible for materials that are not returned (such as athletic uniforms, art supplies, etc.), damage to lockers or other school property, and for textbooks or Chromebooks that must be replaced due to damage.


Services may be suspended or re-enrollment denied  if payments are not kept current.  All tuition and fees from the previous school year must be paid in full before the student will be allowed to begin the next school year.

Cost per Student:

The cost to educate each student at HLHS exceeds $10,000 per student, so tuition and fees do not cover half of the cost.  Each student actually receives a grant valued at over $5000.  Other income is realized through congregations, fundraisers, and donations.  HLHS relies on volunteers, including parents, to help keep costs as low as possible.