Heartland Lutheran High School Chapels

The purple background is a symbol of the Lenten season, a season where we take stock of our sinful nature and the fallen world as we look forward to the cross, and ultimately the empty tomb of Christ Jesus. This remembrance of Christ's walk toward His death is also a reminder of His victory over sin, death, and the devil and the knowledge that in our baptism we were baptized into His death, burial, and resurrection. Death no longer has any power over the people of our Lord Jesus!

This Lenten season we look forward to victory over the temporal struggle against COVID-19. As people of Christ we know that while our current struggle is real, the victory has been won in Christ. We also know that we are called to be a Light of Christ in a world surrounded by darkness.

For this reason we will post and keep an archive of chapel messages here. It is our hope and prayer that these messaged reach you in order to strengthen you faith and resolve through and in the Word of God.