Discover Heartland Lutheran High School

Heartland Lutheran High School provides excellence through a Christ-centered, rigorous education to meet the spiritual, academic, and social needs of our students in a welcoming family environment. We are small, but we are mighty! We are truly convicted by the love of Jesus Christ which is at the forefront of all that we do, and it shines through in our love of the children that grow into Christian young men and women during their time at Heartland Lutheran High School.

We understand the investment in time and money that parents make in their children's spiritual, academic, and social lives. We also understand what that investment in the excellence of Heartland Lutheran will mean for our student's present, future, and eternal rewards. Heartland Lutheran isn't just a private school with a great education, it is an intentionally Christ-centered Lutheran School that views everything we do through the focus of the cross of Jesus. Daily, our students learn about and experience the love of Jesus Christ in chapel services, devotions, Theology class, and prayer.  Heartland Lutheran also provides intentional opportunities to live out our lives as a reflection of Christ's saving love within Red Hornet family and for our neighbors in the world around us.

Heartland Lutheran High School has maintained a 100% graduation rate as well as a 100% college acceptance rate for the past five years. During that time our students have been accepted into colleges and universities such as Concordia University, Hillsdale College, Notre Dame University, Northwestern University, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Nebraska, Hastings College, the University of Nebraska-Omaha, the University of Nebraska-Kearney, and more. The Class of 2017 secured over 1.1 MILLION DOLLARS IN SCHOLARSHIPS with just 16 members of the class. This class earned an average ACT score over 24.5 and the top half of the class had an average score of over 28! We are proud of our uniquely rigorous but supported curriculum that we offer as a small school and the results that it has earned for our graduates.  We are also excited to see that the future is bright with our MAPS Testing Scores and using those results to strengthen are already great educational program.

At Heartland Lutheran High School we believe that student involvement on campus in extra-curricular opportunities drives student success. We offer a full-range of NSAA Activities and Athletics as well as the chance to be involved in Robotics, Drama Performances, Choir, Band, Art, Student Activities Council, Principal's Cabinet, National Honor Society, Quiz Bowl, Games with Mr. O, and more! We work hard to produce opportunities our students want and to create and maintain our welcoming family environment. There is truly a positive activity or club to get involved in for everyone at Heartland Lutheran High School.

Our stats are impressive, but it the stories that touch and change lives. I am always touched to hear from alumni and the Red Hornet Family about the lives that have been touched, blessed, enriched, and changed by the Heartland Lutheran experience. We love to welcome new families into the Red Hornet Family and extend the reach of Heartland Lutheran High School and the Good News of Jesus Christ crucified and risen for all further in the Central Nebraska area.

We believe our culture is wrong about teenagers today. We believe teenagers are capable and willing to do great things in and for the world around them. At Heartland Lutheran High School we will challenge our students to be just that, great.  We want them to be great in their families, be great in their school, and be great in their community. We provide opportunities for service and leadership both in school and the community that surrounds us. Our expectations are high and we will push your child to be the best that they can be, but we will also be their to guide, teach, and support them on the way.

We invite you and your family to visit our campus anytime. We would love to give you a tour of our beautiful facilities, talk to you about our opportunities, and introduce you to the most dynamic, caring, and talented team of teachers you will meet. Heartland Lutheran High School is uniquely positioned to be a unique and powerful blessing to you and your family and we would love to be blessed by you joing the Red Hornet Family!


Chief School Administrator.