Heartland Lutheran High School Faith Life

Christ-centered Faith Life

Heartland Lutheran High School serves families who desire a Christ-centered education for their students. While the majority of our students come from a Lutheran congregations many of our students come from other Christian backgrounds such as Methodist, Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian, Non-Denominational, and other denominations. 

Heartland Lutheran High School intentionally seeks out opportunities to strengthen our students faith and knowledge of the Bible and provide them the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the world around them. This is accomplished in five main avenues:

     1. Intentional worship opportunities such as chapel

     2. A focus on prayer

     3. Surrounding our students with positive Christian influences

     4. A caring atmosphere focused on love and respect

     5. Intentional service opportunities for the community and world

Heartland Lutheran Chapel

Chapel is the focal point of the culture of Heartland Lutheran High School.  The offering of Christ-centered worship opportunities and he focus on life application through the cross of Christ is who we are and what sets us apart. At Heartland Lutheran High School we not ashamed of the Gospel! The Red Hornet Family gathers on Wednesday morning for chapel that is led by association and area Lutheran pastors. Chapel is a formal time for worship where the Good News of Jesus Christ crucified and risen for all is offered to us through those called to preach and teach the Word of God. While chapel is a school event, all are welcome to join us for worship.

Faith Life Resources