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The music program at Heartland Lutheran High School offers students from all skill-sets and abilities the unique opportunity to learn skills and hone their musical talents in both instrumental and vocal music. The instrumental program is designed for those students looking to move from learning their instruments to mastering playing and performing in performance band and concert band. The vocal music program offers all students the opportunity to use their God-given voice talents to perform at a high level.

  Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program at Heartland Lutheran High School allows student to showcase their God-given talents and abilities working with many different materials and in new and exciting media. Students may learn ceramics, sculpture and glass working. They may paint, sketch, and draw. Student work with clay on our pottery wheel and fire it in our kiln. Whether students are in their first art class learning the basics while discovering a new talent, are fine tuning skills, or competing and showing their work at art shows, Heartland Lutheran has a class and an opportunity for all artists and future artists.


Heartland Lutheran High School offers all students the opportunity to audition for its annual drama performance. From plays to Broadway musicals, Heartland Lutheran High School performs a full array of dramatic productions based on student interest. During the time leading up to the opening curtain, students learn all aspects of performance and what makes a show audience-ready. Heartland Lutheran students are the actors, make-up artists, set designers, choreographers, stage hands, and more.

"I never would have been able to get through some of the things that happened to me in high school without the support and care that I received as a student at HLHS!"
Graduate, 2006
"I loved high school, and I met my husband there as well!"
Graduate, 2008
"This place is really, really special!"
Parent, 2016